Yours Truly 50K - Cedar River - 2008 Bird Lists


January 27, 2008
The weather for the January date was partly cloudy, dry and cold. Rain the previous day preceded and followed by colder temperatures left a coating of ice on the trail and on roads but none on vegetation. Birds were fairly active, especially during sunbreaks, with dippers singing in the river and song sparrows singing along the trail. I saw lots of varied thrushes along the roads early in the morning but only a few during the run. Lake Wilderness was frozen so all the ducks had gone elsewhere. The one flock I saw on a gravel bar in the river were too far away to identify though I suspect mergansers. Altogether I counted 23 species. I didn't try to count individuals.

Species Notes
Mallard Two flew over quacking
Great Blue Heron One flew overhead
Glaucous-winged Gull One overhead
Rock Pigeon Three near bridge
Steller's Jay Calling in woods
Northwestern Crow Several calling
Common Raven One calling
Black-capped Chickadee Conifers
Chestnut-backed Chickadee More common than black-capped, squeakier calls
Bushtit Two flocks noticed
Red-breasted Nuthatch Calling in tall firs
Brown Creeper One singing, others overlooked
Winter Wren Calling, tiny
American Dipper Three singing in and along the river
American Robin A few around
Varied Thrush More common early along roads than on trail
European Starling Singing in sunbreak
Spotted Towhee Calling in underbrush
Song Sparrow Singing
Dark-eyed Junco Small flock in Scotch Broom
House Finch Calling in neighborhood
Pine Siskin Flocks of up to 30 in treetops
House Sparrow Calling in neighborhood